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VWC EDI Services

EDI Support

If you have an EDI question, please contact the EDI Support team at

The Commission's EDI Service Vendor ISO, is hosting a website containing information about our EDI Program. The website is

General EDI Information


Send completed forms to the Commission's Test Coordinator e-mail


Release 3 Filing Requirements:

Information for Carriers filing EDI reports via WebFile (Sub 100 Filers)

Applies To

  • Carriers filing fewer than 100 non-minor claims annually
  • Self-Insurers filing fewer than 100 non-minor claims
    • Self-Insurers filing 100 or more non-minor claims annually, must submit via EDI

What you need to do

  • If you submit less than 100 claims per year and have not already notified VWC please submit an email to We will need primary contact information including company name, representative, email address, mailing address, and FEINs you intend to report for. This will also add you to the distribution list for future mailings on the subject.

Subscribe to the EDI email list

If you are interested in subscribing to the EDI mailing list, click here. You will be prompted to send an e-mail. In the subject line and in the body of the message, please do the following:

Subject Line: Subscribe EDI
Body of email: Subscribe EDI

Please note: If you leave subject line blank, your email may get blocked by SPAM filtering engine. Send the e-mail, and you will receive a reply requesting confirmation to add your address to the list.

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