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Judicial Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you go about sealing a document?
Currently, when submitting documents via WebFile, only the P&O Information Letter is sealed once it is uploaded into the system. To get a document sealed, fax the document directly to the Commission and request it to be sealed or mail the document to the deputy commissioner as a personal and confidential correspondence.

Claimant files for TTD and meds; the 20-day order responds accepting meds only -Is medical award entered automatically?
Yes, lifetime medical award with causally related body part. If you wish to specify body parts you must file an Award Agreement form.

What does the claimant do if only awarded meds for, say, the left ankle and also wants award for left hip?
If the Order response lists only the left ankle is covered but the claimant also filed for the left hip on the Request for Hearing then the Award is not entered. It’s then referred to an Analyst to review for possible docketing. If all body parts listed on the Order response match the Request for Hearing then an Award is entered with “All causally related body parts” unless an Award Agreement form is filed specifying body parts. We no longer enter specific body parts off of Order responses for Medical Only Awards.

When a party files a document in writing, i.e. pro se claimant filing for continuance in person, it is scanned and put into file. Can there be a notification that something has been filed so that all parties are aware?
Scanning is done differently in regional offices from the Richmond office. It is a complex process.

Why are 20-day orders being sent when case has previously settled?
This issue is on the Commission’s defect list and will be resolved in the first quarter 2011 release.

Can we identify files by claimant’s last name rather than date of injury or JCN?
Currently, the claimant’s last name is displayed under the scheduled hearing section of the WebFile system.

Is there a way to see the claimant’s name in WebFile notifications?
Currently, the notification portlet in WebFile displays the claimant’s last name. However, the email notification that is generated does not show the claimant’s name.

Is there a way to print entire file?
Currently, this feature in WebFile does not work. The VWC IS department is aware of the issue and is prioritizing this issue to be resolved at a future date.

Do employer’s applications no longer require notarization?
In WebFile, employer’s applications no longer need notarization.

What should I do if I discover a duplicate file?
Contact the VWC QA Manager as soon as possible when duplicate files are identified.

If a FROI has not been filed, can I note representation?
Currently, if a claim is set up as a CASPER file, the attorney can note under option – OTHER. This is not an immediate 4 to 5 day turnaround. In some instances attorneys can be added by calling Call Center. In the meantime, attorneys can use the VWC customer kiosk to view the file.

Sometimes a Notice of Hearing is generated too close to Referral of Application to Docket. Is it possible to give attorneys more time to generate a conflict letter? This would reduce the need for so many continuances.
Our CASPER system should allow the Commission to review attorney conflicts. Currently, this functionality isn’t working properly. This issue should be resolved during the 1st quarter of 2011 resulting in less attorney conflict letters.

Can a user open the entire file in WebFile at one time allowing them to scroll through all the documents?
The system was designed so that a user has to open each individual document.

We have noticed blank pages in some of the documents. Can this be eliminated?
The system is designed in a way to scan both sides of a document (front and back). Some users have gotten around this issue by only printing even or odd number pages.

Is it possible for attorneys to label medical records with a time range?
When uploading a medical record in WebFile, the system will allow the user to enter “Document Date” which should be the last date of service. The system also allows the user to submit the medical provider’s name.

If I work for a sole practitioner, can more than one person log in on one account at the same time?
Yes, more than one person can log in under same ID.

Can notifications be sent to more than one person in my office?
No, only the attorney registered on WebFile will receive the electronic notification.

Legacy files are falling through the cracks and work on these files is much slower than on the Casper files. What’s being done about it?
Mass migration of Legacy files has been delayed until January 2012. Anything filed prior to 10/1/08 has a paper file and will be manually migrated to CASPER if the file is referred to the docket.

When filing a claim in WebFile, the system will not let me skip AWW since I don’t always know what it is. What should I do?
The system will allow you to add zeros in that field.

How can I tell an old Legacy file from a migrated Legacy file?
A migrated will be displayed in WebFile. Only migrated Legacy files that are being docketed will show in our WebFile system.

How can I identify a specific file that I represent in WebFile when I have a list of 50 since there is no scroll bar?
You can put in page numbers to move through list quicker or use the next page button.

I printed the web copy of the Employers Application and filed by paper. It wasn’t notarized and was almost rejected. What should I have done?
Currently, the paper form is still required to be notarized. There is a form in WebFile you can submit electronically that doesn’t require notarization.

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