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Virginia Commission Services for Claim Administrators

Claim Administrators, or those organizations managing claims activity on behalf of employers and insurance carriers, play a vital role in Virginia's workers' compensation program. Under section 65.2-900 of the Code of Virginia, all workplace accidents that occur in the course of employment must be reported to the Commission. Additionally, certain events and transactions that occur in the course of handling claims relating to these accidents must be reported. The Commission uses electronic data interchange, or EDI, to handle these reports.

Claim Administrators may access their files and conduct certain transactions through WebFile, the Commission's web-based file access portal. WebFile is also a tool available for eligible claim administrators seeking to report EDI information.

For specific assistance, you may always contact the Commission toll-free at 877-664-2566. You may also receive information from the Commission through email and subscriptions. Click here for additional information.

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