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Correspondence Management Department Overview

CMD is the centralized mail processing division of the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. The following is a brief overview of the primary responsibilities within CMD:

  • Incoming Mail- receives all mail relating to Casper database system and most mail associated with the Legacy database system. Process involves date stamping mail, distributing mail to Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners, designating all Casper mail for the prepping/scanning process and delivering Legacy system mail to the Indexing/Analysis division within CMD for document identification and destination determination.
  • Prepping/Scanning- All Casper database system mail is "prepped" for scanning and distributed to a 3 person scanning operation for actual scanning of mail into the Casper database system.
  • Indexing and Analysis- All Casper database system claims and insurance related mail is categorized for distribution to other units within the agency. Hard copy Legacy database system mail is also reviewed at this level for appropriate destination determination.
  • Outbound Mail- Responsible for retrieving and preparing all Commission outgoing mail. Provides courier service of files and documents to various off site destinations.
  • Document Management- Primarily responsible for document retention and retrieval of all Legacy database system files and mail.

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