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Correspondence Management Department Overview

CMD is the centralized mail processing division of the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. The following is a brief overview of the primary responsibilities within CMD:

  • Incoming Mail - Receives all mail relating to CASPER database system and non-claim-related mail. Incoming mail process involves date stamping and identifying all CASPER system mail for the prepping/scanning process and distribution of certain types of mail and packages to all departments within the agency.
  • Document Management - All hard-copy CASPER system mail is “prepped” for scanning and distributed to a three-person scanning operation within Document Management. All scanned documents are ultimately released to the CASPER system. Document Management is also responsible for archived document retention and retrieval.
  • Indexing and Analysis - All CASPER system claim and insurance related mail is categorized and identified to the appropriate Commission file and then electronically distributed to other departments within the agency.
  • Outbound Mail - Responsible for retrieving and preparing all Commission outgoing mail; produces high quality digital print materials for the agency; provides courier services of files/documents and members of the Commission staff to various off-site locations.

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