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Administration Department Overview

The Administration Department is primarily responsible for day to day agency operations and is headed by an Executive Director. Also, within the Administration department are the Education & Outreach Department, Project Management Office, Information Security Officer, and the Executive Director's Administrative Assistant. Functions within the department include, but are not limited to, training and education of Commission policies and software, project management, processing Freedom of Information Act inquiries, legislative bill tracking, producing annual reports, documenting Commission meeting minutes, and constituent interaction and follow up.

The Administration Department's Executive Director also manages the Commission's Department managers and supervisors and reports directly to the Commissioners. Overall, the Administration Department is responsible for a variety of functions and serves as the lead administrative department for the agency.

Staff Members:

Evelyn McGill
Executive Director
Phone (804) 205-3060

Jessica Barnett
Administrative Assistant
Phone (804) 205-3059

Charles Steepleton
Education & Outreach Supervisor
Phone (804) 205-3578

Chad Burns
Project Management Supervisor
Phone (804) 205-3168

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