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VWC Organization Overview

The Commission is headed by three Commissioners and an Executive Director. The Commissioners are chosen by the General Assembly and serve six-year terms. Roger L. Williams, Wesley G. Marshall, and R. Ferrell Newman currently serve as Commissioners. The Commissioners elect a Chairman for a term of three years. Mr. Williams is currently the Chairman and Evelyn McGill is the Executive Director.

Twenty-two deputy commissioners hold evidentiary hearings throughout the state to determine rights and liabilities of parties under the Act.

The Commission is the state agency that administers the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act. The Commission also administers the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund, which provides certain benefits to individuals who have been the victims of crime. In addition, the Commission hears and determines claims for entry into the Birth-Related Neurological Injury Program, which may provide benefits to children who have sustained statutorily defined injuries at birth. Both these programs are created and governed by specific statutes.

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